Nailing your marketing in 2021.

As I mentioned in my about me blog, I am a bit of an organisation geek. I find it so helpful when creating marketing plans to understand what important dates to look out for.  

However, it can be difficult to keep organised and ahead of plan. I have been guilty of thinking spending time planning is a waste and just cracking on with the work I have to do. I know from experience this is a silly mistake to make, a well thought out plan can make everything a lot more succinct and easier and saves time working out what is done and what isn’t done. Also, who does not gain a little bit of satisfaction looking back at a planned day of work?! 

One thing which has been playing on my mind recently is starting our 2021 plans. It can be so overwhelming to plan for the future, especially when the past few months have just flown by! I want to share my top tips for organisation throughout the busy and messy world of marketing.

A well thought out calendar                                                                                                   Calendars are the most underrated thing and a staple to any marketing plans – and they come in so many forms! Both online and offline. I personally use both forms, I love the ease of online calendars, but also having a physical calendar in front of me is great. The 2021 Dales PR and marketing calendar is designed to help you with this content, not only can you plan all your content in it but it is full of important dates which can help inspire your marketing throughout the year. It is the perfect desk companion if you are wanting to get organised.

“A well thought out plan can make everything a lot more succinct and easier and saves time working out what is done and what isn’t done.

Creates aims and goals                                                                                                           Knowing what you aim to get done can be super helpful and can help you plan your time better. Each week I set myself aims and goals of what marketing tasks I want to get done that week. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to tick something off a big list of tasks when you have finished it. I have already started planning this out for 2021 to motivate me to reach my different aims and goals of the months throughout the year. 

Be flexible                                                                                                                                             One fundamental thing to take into consideration when planning your marketing is that things always change. Especially in the current day whereby our world changes so much on a daily basis, news is released constantly meaning flexibility is key. Hence, it is important to keep marketing plans loose to give time to change any content. Sometimes with clients I will have to change posts for the following week at the last minute due to a change of news which means a service isn’t viable. Flexibility is essential in this aspect.

If you feel inspired to start your 2021 planning, make sure to check out our 2021 PR and marketing calendars here.