wonder learning partnership


Wonder Learning Partnership was a newly formed multi-school trust, comprising three primary and two secondary schools with sixth form colleges. The schools are spread out across the East Riding of Yorkshire and the borders of York. The Trust’s ethos is to ensure each school within the group retains its own unique character, identity, name and Governing Body structure. Its intention is to ensure community and church schools remain rooted within and at the heart of their communities.

Jonathan Britton, the Trust’s CEO, approached us not only to raise the profile of the Trust, but more importantly to convey the message that collaborating with a trust can bring a school many benefits, without having to lose its identity or independence.

We secured fun and upbeat coverage for the primary schools which highlighted the educational advantages the Trust could provide – such as the use of VR headsets in classrooms. For A Level and GCSE results days, as well as features in local and national publications, we secured live broadcast coverage for both sixth form colleges – one of them being featured on Good Morning Britain, throughout the morning.

During this time, the Trust set up its Institute of Education (IoE), which was initially created to help drive school improvement across the Trust’s member schools. However it quickly grew into its own entity, with the objective of providing learning hubs across Yorkshire for all levels of educations professionals. We worked to get the pre-launch of the IoE into local media publications and to raise awareness of the local events it was holding.


The Trust now enjoys excellent relations, not only with the local press, but also with national broadcast media. Its reputation has been established as an organisation that worked hard for the schools under its wing, for helping to turn around failing schools, with spectacular results, and for its strong desire to raise educational standards while helping schools stay very much a focal hub of their local communities.


“In the time we have been working with Kasa Comms, we have achieved impressive coverage across press, radio and national television for several of our schools within the Trust. We set out to raise our profile during a time of exciting change and development, Kasa Comms has been an integral part of this by bringing a real focus to our communication.”

Jonathan Britton, CEO