PR Hour

It’s so easy for PR and marketing to fall off the radar and this service is designed to help you focus, prioritise and stay accountable. The PR Hour is also ideal for you if you’re serious about learning how to manage your reputation and position yourself as a leader in your field. Each month we’ll look at the best ways you can incorporate relevant and straightforward PR and content activities into your regular routine. This is also ideal if you want to make your marketing a consistent part of your business activity. You will also be sent monthly actionable tips to help you stay on track.

This is for you if you:

  • Want to manage your own PR and create your own content.
  • Are serious about keeping your PR and marketing activities a priority.
  • Have been on any of our training courses – this is an ideal next step.
  • Want to outsource your PR and marketing activity in the future.

The hour’s consultation can be done by video call or in person. A small fee may be incurred to cover travel costs for meetings five miles or more outside of Richmond, North Yorkshire. There is no minimum commitment.