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Aside from running Kasa Communications, I offer writing and consultancy services. One of the writing services I offer, is writing opinion and comment pieces for corporate, education and charity leaders. I guess it’s a bit like a ghost-writing service, where I write on behalf of the ‘author’.

Following a short discussion about what you’d like and where you’d like it, I’ll conduct all research and planning as part of the service. 

Once written, you can make any tweaks or changes and I’ll finalise the piece. I can then either place the article in a specific publication or target a shortlist of publications in order of preference. 

I’ll also advise whether a particular theme or angle is suitable for the publication. If you don’t have outlets in mind, I can research which publications would be a good fit based on your objectives.

I’ll place the piece in one publication, but the content can be repurposed for another for an additional fee.

You can find some examples of what I’ve done here, here and here.

For some clients, opinion pieces form part of a wider PR project. For others this is all they do and they find the positioning as a knowledgeable and engaged leader within their field sets them apart.

The fee for one piece starts from £350. Article length partly depends on the outlet’s requirements and can range from 500 to 1500 words.

As a former journalist, I have 18 years’ experience of editorial writing and really love doing it. 

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