Meet the team: A Q&A with Samantha.

This week’s blog is by Samantha Williams, Officer Manager for Dales PR and Marketing. Sam has over 20 years of experience in being a finance director of her family business so she is the brain behind a lot of our finance and business planning tasks and helps us function as a business – the team would be lost without her! Sam answered a few questions so we could get to know her a bit more.

What does a typical working day look like?
My typical day is very varied from checking invoices paid, updating the cashflow & P&L, liaising with new and existing members with questions and overseeing their renewals, analysing Sales campaigns and zoom meetings/events! 
What did you do before working for Dales PR and Marketing?
I worked in my family business for 22 years from day 1 where we provided a Nationwide roofing service. I developed and implemented the Company’s policies and procedures, created and worked in every department, managed, developed, trained staff and co-managed the day to day running of the business.  During my final 5 years I was Finance Director so I was overseeing all of the Companies finances.
What key skills have you brought from your previous role to this one?
As I have experience in all Departments (Operations/Finance/Sales/Quality/HR) and have helped grow the business from nothing to a turnover of £2.2 million, I bring many skills to this role.  I am passionate for process, procedures & achieving results via change. Known for my keen eye for detail, strategic thinking and outside the box approach whilst maintaining a positive drive for the end result.  I love working with figures and analysing them as efficiency and good financial information are the core elements of a strong and successful business.
Best things about working from home?
Being with my dogs!  Cole stays by my side all day.  I also love that there are no distractions and I get so much more done.
I don’t take proper breaks.  When you are somewhere else you would tend to pop out for lunch and have a break whereas at home, I grab something and crack on. 

I love working with figures and analysing them as efficiency and good financial information are the core elements of a strong and successful business.

What’s been your highlight of the year?
Personally I would say home schooling my children, I won’t lie, I loved it!  I am so proud of how adaptable they have been and they have achieved awards, certificates and emails from their schools on their progress.  I learnt quite a lot too!
On a business level, it has been helping Sharon to keep this business going.  So many small business have unfortunately suffered and gone under in 2020 and although it has not been easy and we have not got to exactly where we wanted, to be still standing I feel is a massive achievement in these times!
The pandemic has forced change for many businesses. What do you think the small business world will look like in 12 months’ time?
I think there will be a lot less of them which is a real shame. I do think though that there will be more support for them also. I don’t mean government/financial support, I mean support from everyday people.  I personally would rather buy from a small business knowing I am helping them in some way than from a large chain.  This year has given people perspective and enabled them to see things from the other side.  People who it never occurred to them how it would feel to not have enough money to pay the bills have suddenly found themselves in that scary situation so I feel this will make people a lot more compassionate, understanding and supportive of others (It certainly has with me anyway).
What advice would you give your 25 year old self?
Always go for your dreams, however crazy they may seem – this is your life, your one chance.  People often regret not doing something or not doing something soon enough as they were holding back – don’t waste time, once it’s gone it’s gone. Follow your gut, it always knows what is best for you!
What’s your go-to  lunch when working?
Salad – I love salad!  Cheese, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, lettuce, beetroot, humous, seeds – sometimes with baked beans as well!
At what point are clients and prospects likely to engage with you?
Generally for me it would be financial so maybe discussions about their invoice or payments.

Sam is the Officer Manager. The main thing that gets her through the day is tea – lots of it! And it has to be Yorkshire Tea, nothing else compares!