Meet the team: How Lizzy creates effective online content

Since I started working for Dales PR and Marketing I have worked with many clients, all wanting online content to support their business and brand. 

Online content can have so many benefits, from reinforcing brand image to increasing engagement. Making sure content is continuously being created for your brand is so important. However, with every business doing the same how can you stand out and reach your audience?

Here are my top tips I have learnt working at Dales PR and Marketing.


One thing I have learnt from handling different accounts, is that scheduling and planning is a life saver! A good organised schedule is something 100% worth geeking out on. 

Schedules can not only provide you with structure to your marketing plans, but it can allow you to properly research the content you put out. A well thought out schedule can allow you to create more valuable content. This can be a weekly schedule letting you know what times to post each day to a yearly one with the relevant dates for your business. It will help make sure you have a consistent marketing plan which you can follow week by week. There are so many different tools available to help you plan this. I love nothing more than finding a great marketing content planning tool.

While we’re talking about scheduling, our 2021 PR and Content Calendar is a great companion for all your new year marketing planning!

Customer created content

There is no denying it can be difficult to put out and develop your own content all the time, it can feel repetitive and very sales focused at times. One of my favourite ways to find more content is to get audiences involved. 

If you have loyal customers they are often very keen to get involved with this type of content. It requires such little effort from your side but can allow some of the most creative content to be curated. For example, make the most of Facebook polls or, ask them to comment on their favourite item of yours or their best experience using your service. This content is great because it holds so much value, customers respect what other customers say. Hence, it can be a great way to create unique content from people who love your brand. 

A good organised schedule is something 100% worth geeking out on.

Check what similar brands do

Getting a benchmark of what others in your industry do is so essential. It can provide so much inspiration and is one of the first things I do when a new client is signed on. This is something I do regularly with content on our Dales Business Women instagram account.

Looking at similar businesses means you can understand the market so much more. You can find out what works well for similar audiences and what doesn’t work as well. It acts as a great trial for what you want to put out and is a great way to see what’s been done so you can challenge yourself to come up with something totally different. 

So, hopefully this will give you a bit of inspiration for you and your content. Happy planning! 

Lizzy is the Marketing Executive and she has a gold foil curtain next to her desk, just to help brighten up her working day and zoom calls!