Yorkshire businesses bossing their marketing

Today we get to focus on our own county; Yorkshire! In celebration of Yorkshire Day, we want to highlight some of the businesses in Yorkshire doing a great job of marketing this year – especially in relation to the pandemic. Hopefully it will inspire us all to stay on top of our marketing! 

Masons Yorkshire Gin 

 Nothing says celebration like a drink! Masons Yorkshire Gin has managed to make the best out of a bad situation during the pandemic. A portion of its revenue comes from events which went virtual during lockdown, including Gin tasting boxes delivered to your door and online distillery tours.

The gin makers also started promoting their new experience days back in June and events like this can be a great marketing tool to help create a buzz around the brand. People can book vouchers before the event dates are finalised which is a great marketing technique to help bring in income while also heavily promoting the brand. 

Masons has also kept its social media active with frequent posts about the gin, staff and different gin cocktail recipes for people to make at home. Not only this, but once the outbreak started the factory was altered to create and sell hand sanitiser and this was promoted on all relevant platforms. 

All this helped to promote the brand in a positive light while staying relevant throughout the pandemic. 

The gin makers started promoting their new experience days back in June and events like this can be a great marketing tool to help create a buzz around the brand.

Harrogate Spa Water

This North Yorkshire brand focuses on wellness and wellbeing, hence the team used  #WHFWellness  to share wellness tips and asked followers to share their own stories too. Along with this, you can see from the Facebook page, Harrogate Spa continues to sponsor online events. For example, previously it would sponsor the Royal Ascot and it’s now involved with the online events relating to this with heavily online promotion. The water producer is  also holding competitions where people can win event tickets by interacting with posts and using relevant hashtags.  

Harrogate Spa has managed to create excitement around the brand by focusing on big events they have been involved with in the past and merging this to online activities. The brand has successfully managed to convert its marketing tools to fit in with the current climate. 

Yorkshire Tea

How could we do a post about Yorkshire Day without mentioning Yorkshire Tea? The company has always had unique and successful marketing ideas and those standards have been maintained during the pandemic.  

The well-loved tea creators have posted a number of lighthearted posts on social media throughout the lockdown including creating different backgrounds for  Zoom calls, Yorkshire Tea news and ways to use your Yorkshire Tea box for lockdown entertainment. Their fun posts will have definitely helped put a lot of smiles on their followers’ faces.

All their methods help promote their brand so they remain at the forefront of their customers’ minds.  

There are so many other successful Yorkshire businesses which we could mention –  this county is full of talent. It makes me very proud to be from Yorkshire. 

I hope everyone celebrates Yorkshire Day in some way or another; whether it is with gin, Yorkshire Tea or a bottle of local water!

Lizzy Agar is a Marketing Intern and has been doing great work on some of our clients’ campaigns.