We’re passionate about engaging and relevant content. We consider your brand values and company voice and ensure our content has an impact, because we’re focused on results. Our key areas are media relations, editorial content, award entries, website copy and blog writing.  

Blog writing

Blog writing is an excellent way to show your expertise, while also boosting your SEO and providing content for social media channels.  It’s also easy for this to fall off the radar so we can provide regular and well researched blog pieces.

Editorial content

We generally provide this as part of our PR service. We craft op-ed, thought leadership and news pieces for placement in online and printed publications.

Award entries

Sometimes in the midst of all your hard work, you forget to take a step back and look at your achievements! We’ll help you showcase all your brilliance through relevant award entries. 

Messaging workshops and style guidelines

It’s important to have a set of guidelines for your brand’s style of writing and tone of voice.

To have a successful and cohesive marketing strategy, you need to understand your key messages and know your different audience profiles, plus the purpose of each marketing channel. We love delivering workshops in person or online and will provide you with an illustrated document which will be a springboard for all your communications. It will be easily understood by any communications or marketing professional you work with.

Website copywriting

First impressions matter, we produce succinct, engaging, SEO-friendly copy to help you stand out. Check out our packages.

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